Drugs and alcohol

How Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Affects Your Health

Drug and substance abuse has become a major concern all over the world. Many people have engaged themselves in drinking alcohol excessively and also taking other drugs and substances without knowing their negative effects. This has dramatically affected the youth who get entangled in then. Many people just hear of drug effects but have never taken time to understand the real effects and how they can affect their life especially their health. Drugs affect everything that touches your life including your finances, family, social life and health and legal life. Worst cases of addiction have even led to death. Below are some of the ways how alcohol and drugs affect your health.

An effect on your brain

effects of drug abuseOne of the most complex parts of the human body is the brain. Though it takes a small part of your body, it is the most important part, since it controls all the functions in your body. These include physiological and thought processes. Drugs and alcohol have a great effect on the brain since it interferes with the chemicals that make your brain work well.

According to research, when one takes drugs for the first time, the brain releases dopamine, a chemical that makes one feel the urge to take more of the substance. After becoming used to it, your mind gets used to the extra dopamine, and it becomes difficult to work without it. This starts affecting your memory, personality, and other body processes and eventually your mental health.

Dangerous infections

Drug and alcohol abuse can also lead to one contracting dangerous infections which greatly affect your health. A good example is when you take alcohol or drugs and then get to engage in unsafe sex. This leads to one getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases that can have a negative effect on your health. Others share needles when injecting themselves and that leads to spread of diseases like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and also HIV. Many people have gotten these diseases without knowing and have regretted later. There is also the risk of getting other diseases like flu, common colds as well as mono by sharing bongs and pipes.

Weakening the immune system

alcoholThis is another major effect that drugs and substances have on your health. Your immune system ensures that you do not get diseases easily since it protects you. By becoming addicted and abusing the substances your body’s immune system is greatly affected, and you become exposed to various infections. Further, these substances largely affect your cardiovascular system. This happens when your heart is affected due to abnormal heart rates. This can easily lead to heart attack. The drugs that are injected into your body sometimes leads to collapsing of blood vessels as well as veins.

An effect to the respiratory system

The respiratory system is one of the main parts of a human body. It ensures that you breathe well and ensures that enough air is supplied to your body. Some of the substances that people take affect the lungs and sometimes even lead to lung cancer.

There are many ways on how drugs and alcohol can affect your health. Many organs like the kidney, liver and the pancreases are greatly affected. It is essential for one to drink alcohol with self-control and take only the required levels. It is also crucial to avoid using substances that can lead to addiction and ultimately affect your health.…

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Skin care
Skin care

Skin Care: How Ladies Can Maintain a Healthy Skin

Every lady is looking towards a healthy and smooth skin. This is because a soft and smooth skin gives some level of confidence to any lady in the world. To get a smooth skin, a lady can do anything and even sacrifice whatever amount to attain whatever she wants. Many ladies have had to part with millions to undergo surgery to get rid of acne and attain a smooth, healthy skin. It is worth noting that there are better ways that one can use to attain a better health skin. Below are some of the ways and tips that ladies can use to maintain a healthy skin.

Do not smoke

healthy skinThis is one of the main ways that can assist you in maintaining healthy skin. Smoking greatly affects your skin health as well as texture making it have wrinkles and look older. This is because, when you smoke, the small vessels in the outer layer of your skin are narrowed, and this reduces the blood flow. This leads to a reduction of oxygen and other essential nutrients that should be flowing to your skin. Further, smoking leads to the damage of elastin and collagen which gives your skin elasticity and strength.

Protect your skin from sunlight

This is another wonderful way of keeping your skin healthy. Sunlight has a very negative effect on your skin and can damage your skin if it’s not well protected. It is therefore important to protect it from the sun at all costs. This is because sunlight brings age spots, wrinkles as well as increasing the risk of skin cancer.

To achieve protection from the sun, you can use sunscreen generously after every three hours and even frequently if you go swimming. Endeavor always to wear protective clothing, e.g. long sleeves and also seek to stay in the shade where possible. It is advisable to avoid sunlight between ten o’clock and two since the rays are strongest then.

Eat a balanced diet

This may sound basic, but it’s a fundamental way of maintaining the health of your skin. Many people think that to maintain a healthy skin, all you need is applying the right oil. This is a false myth. It is advisable to eat a healthy diet especially leans proteins, whole grains, fruits as well as vegetables. Some foods can easily lead to acne.

Stay away from stress

Stress has been proved to affect your skin health greatly. Stress that is uncontrolled can lead to acne breakouts, sensitive skin, and trigger other skin problems. It is therefore very important to manage your stress levels and set time to do the thing you enjoy all the time. This will make you happy and give you a better skin.

Always moisturize your skin

Another good way of maintaining your skin health is making sure that it is always moist. This can be done by ensuring that you keep dehydrated all the time. Drinking enough water can also be a good way of moisturizing your skin. It is also important to use a good moisturizer after taking a bath. This will ensure that your skin pores are open.

Good and healthy skin is the dream of every lady. Endeavor to follow the discussed tip since they will ensure that you get your dream skin. Avoid too much make up that can damage your skin.…

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